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All Nations
2024 Canoe Pulls Announced

All Nations is pleased to present their
2024 Canoe Schedule featuring signature events including Awaken the Canoes in June and Strong Women of the Water
 (and the Men who Support Them) in September.
This year will also see Healing Waters Men's Pull (and the Women who Support Them) added to the schedule. And of course, Tribal Journeys 2024 Paddle to 

Check the All Nations site for meeting details beginning January 2024!

Strong Women of the Water Closes the All Nations 2023 Canoe Season

An amazing and diverse delegation of pullers joined with All Nations for the final pull of the 2023 season. For the most part, weather cooperated and the group was treated to a few beautiful sunrises during the four day event. Two humpback whales put on an unforgettable show, breaching out of the water in an incredibly display of power.


As always, we thank our organizers, cooks, funders, and the crew of the Pearl who towed the canoe hundreds of miles from Washington State to Fort Rupert. Emote as well to Jonnica Royal who skipped and to
Steven Recalma for the use of Singing Coho.


Sister Nations Klahoose, Tl'amin and Homalco brought their signature song to the floor during protocol. Always a favorite among the crowd, you be the judge...who has bragging rights this year, the Men or the Women?

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Parkland Pull 

Fantastic Success

June 9-11

Vancouver Island

All Nations was pleased to host the Parkland Team aboard the Singing Coho, skippered by Steven Recalma. Rain and winds did not deter the group although poor conditions did pull the Coho off the water for the final day of the pull.

Thank you to Captain Sonnier and the crew of the Pearl, and our All Nations family who made the weekend so special for our guests.


Strong Women of the Water
Fort Rupert - Alert Bay - Port McNeil

Emerging Leaders Training: Information Session

Canoe Journey Tips

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