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Tribal Journeys Handbook
New to Tribal Journeys or just want a quick refresher? Look no further than this informative handbook.

Canoe Clothing - more than a fashion statement!
Selecting the right clothing is an important aspect of every journey. Jeff Smith, Executive Director of Nakanki Native Program  provides some excellent tips and suggestions on what to wear and how to find great deals!

So You Want To Be A Canoe Skipper?
Article Submitted by Ron Synder

The following information may be helpful for those that have that goal.
A Canoe SKIPPER...
1. Puts the crew’s safety first above ALL other considerations, and must never sacrifice safety for the final destination.
2. Must listen to their crew. Their thoughts, needs, suggestions, & opinions are important. Skippers are considerate of others.
3. Is a teacher of skills, traditions, and a role model for the crew.  As a teacher, a skipper must have an understanding of nautical, canoeing, leadership, and life skills and a deep well of experiences to pull from.  A good teacher willingly shares their knowledge and encourages others to learn.
4. Is a leader, who understands what is required of a good leader, and from their personal experience, how to be a good follower. They respect the   skills that others bring to the canoe family.
5. A very positive person who can leave their ego, negativity, selfish feelings, tempers, and personal opinions on the beach.  There is no place for  negativity in the canoe.
6. Has integrity, (good character, honesty) all the time, and not just when people are watching. They respect their responsibility as skippers, and are accountable for their actions, & can be trusted.  They walk their talk, keep their word, and do not make excuses or blame others for their mistakes. Poor choices, once acknowledged, are teaching and learning opportunities, and not an opportunity for one-up-man-ship.
7. Understands that pulling in the canoe, and especially skippering is an honor that has 12,000 years of history and traditions behind it, and will never do anything to bring shame to that house.
8.  Is a cheerleader for the team (canoe family).  They are enthusiastic, excited by the possibilities for the future, a good planner, organized, ready and willing to learn new things, attentive to details including every aspect of the canoe journey such as food, shelter, transportation, route, finances, and the health and welfare of the team. They must be a hard worker and fully engaged.  They are a leader on the beach and on the water.
9. If this sounds like a job description, it is!  The person who skippers a canoe represents their Canoe Family by everything they do and say. A skipper is accountable to the Canoe Family. 

More simply said:
Safety First
A good listener
Has a wealth of skills, and can teach what they know. 
A skilled leader 
Very positive 
Can be trusted and has integrity
Understands the canoe traditions and history
A hard working, enthusiastic cheerleader for every aspect of the journey
Accountable for their actions to the Canoe Family!


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