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Fundraising is one of the most difficult tasks canoe families face: without enough funds or resources, canoes remain on the shore unable to participate. It doesn't help that many people find the task of fundraising daunting and without proper planning and tools, it can be.

Fundraising can be divided into three basic categories: grants or formal funding sources -  solicitation (requests to companies or organizations you or your nation is doing business with)- fundraising activities (bake sales, raffle, car wash). Each stream has its own benefit, challenge and reward, but how do you know which avenue to take or should you take all three?

Grants can be easily managed if you invest the time to create a "fact sheet' that contains basic information that can transition from application to application. This includes things like number of pullers, average length of journey, multiple year budgets etc.. Be sure to read the grant application prior to starting to ensure you are eligible for the grant you are pursuing - in some cases, you might not meet the criteria. For example, unless you are an incorporate society or non-profit organization, you might be excluded, or, perhaps the criteria is restricted to a particular region or municipality. It is also common to find grants that will not support individuals or specific activities.  Despite all these challenges, grants still represent an attractive funding possibility, and when successful, grants often can provide considerable dollars. A listing of potential granting agencies will be posted in the coming weeks - please check back.

Solicitation letters are a terrific way of acquiring cash, as well as essential in-kind items. Local businesses are often keen on supporting their area residents so be sure to consider that before starting your writing campaign. Letters should be personalized to the donor and explain step-by-step what you are asking for. Sample letters will be available online in the coming weeks - please check back.

Fundraising actives represent a fantastic opportunity to bring together community members for an activity. Hold a raffle or silent auction, or create jams or handicrafts that can be sold at your local farmers market. Activities need not be complicated but should have a definitive start and end date. We invite you to share your fundraising activities - please visit the Journey Tips Blog on the home page and make your post!

Introduction to Grant Writing - Ron Snyder

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