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Host Nations

Along the Route

Nations along the route to the final destination play an essential role in supporting Tribal Journeys: they offer shelter and hospitality to nourish pullers and their road crews and provide an opportunity for the sharing of ancient protocols and ceremonies.

While many communities are well versed in preparing to host, others could use a helping hand in planning for their guest's arrival. How much food will we need and how much room is required for camping? Will we need port potties? What options do we have if we don't have showers available? Is there a way we could know in advance, how many people and canoes will land on our shores? If you have ideas on how some of these questions might be addressed, please share them on the Blog located on the homepage of the site.

Sample Forms:

Host Nation Form (example from the Klahoose First Nation)

Hosting Tribal Journeys is an enormous undertaking requiring thousands of hours of work, planning, executing and fundraising. To help assist you in determining if you have, or can acquire, the necessary resources for hosting the annual event, a new handbook is being created. If you are a previous host and have information you would like to share, please contact Jeff Smith, who is undertaking this project.

Be sure to check back in the coming months for the new posting!

       Host Nation - Final Destination

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