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Many canoe families from throughout the coastal corridor face a continual struggle to raise the necessary money to participate in the annual Tribal Journey. Thousands of dollars are needed and the difficulty in securing funds has left canoes on the shore. 


But how do we establish a mechanism able to accommodate the needs of each canoe family while maintaining the flexibility, accountability and transparency, necessary to operate a new organization in the most equitable manner possible? 


The first step is bringing together like minded individuals who are interested in exploring potential options for supporting the Journey while reviewing current opportunities that may be under-utilized. The second step is expanding the conversation and ask canoe families directly what kind of support they need. As we undertake this phase, we will also be working on the development of templates to pressure funding agencies to recognize the power of the Journey and provide financial support - this is an essential component for securing long-term sustainable access to funding. Templates will be made available so each canoe family can use them in their pursuit funding at the local level.. 

Your comments are welcome - please use the blog on the homepage of the site!

The Journey is so important to our people and to revitalizing
our culture. We must find a way to ensure one and all have the opportunity to participate - regardless of their financial situation

Hereditary Chief Edward Thomas - Esquimalt Nation

Our Mission

Be part of the solution - share your ideas!

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